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Julian Rickards julian.rickards at gmail.com
Thu Jan 25 19:41:47 CST 2007

To add more confusion to the mix, XML with server-side XSLT would be another

What I like about db is that it would not be too difficult to do (even for
someone like me who only dabbles with DBs once in a while) and you can
easily set up sorts and searches.


On 25/01/07, trevor <trevor at intospace.ca> wrote:
> hi,
> could someone please offer advice on the following topic...
> i'm to create a small site for someone who has got about 50 products she
> will be selling.  she will be wanting to change the products often,  add
> new
> ones and delete sold ones etc.
> my question - is using a mysql database way more than what's needed?
> essentially, the site will show product images and info, listed by
> category,
> and sizes etc - so the page content would be dynamic.  i assumed that a
> small database and some basic php would work, but i have been researching
> and it seems a lot of people just use php scripts to read a whole folder
> full of images to create the page content, without using any database at
> all.  maybe this might be better but i don't know exactly where to start
> in
> that case.  how do people decide when to switch on the database, as
> opposed
> to just a folder full of files?
> if anyone could give advice what approach to take, and/or what factors
> determine what approach to use, that would be great, thanks kindly~
> /trevor
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