[thelist] creating a small site

Hershel Robinson hershel at galleryrobinson.com
Fri Jan 26 02:44:07 CST 2007

> my question - is using a mysql database way more than what's needed? 

That's precisely what's needed.

> essentially, the site will show product images and info, listed by category, 
> and sizes etc - so the page content would be dynamic.  i assumed that a 
> small database and some basic php would work, but i have been researching 
> and it seems a lot of people just use php scripts to read a whole folder 
> full of images to create the page content, without using any database at 
> all.  maybe this might be better but i don't know exactly where to start in 
> that case.  how do people decide when to switch on the database, as opposed 
> to just a folder full of files?

I would not even consider this without a database. Furthermore unless 
there is a good reason not to use a prefab shopping cart, like ZenCart, 
XCart, E-Commerce for Drupal, VirtuMart for Joomla, etc. then I would 
strongly recommend using one.


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