[thelist] Acronym and abbr tags

Steven Streight steven.streight at gmail.com
Fri Jan 26 08:53:25 CST 2007

Many acronyms are for the site owner's convenience, and the users are
expected to learn them and get familiar with them, with no real benefit. No
Claims Bonus is so short, why use an acronym? To be perfectly clear at all
times, without being awkward and burdensome, I'd suggest NEVER using the
acronym. Always use No Claims Bonus in full.

On 1/26/07, Barney Carroll <barney at textmatters.com> wrote:
> It is still an acronym. It'd be a bit criminal to say it is one at
> first, but isn't later on. That could be perceived to be a semantic
> distinction.
> Unless I'm mistaken, users will not get repeatedly told what the acronym
> stands for unless they ask for it. The same goes for abbreviation.
> Regards,
> Barney
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