[thelist] Uncompile a .NET application?

jason.handby jason.handby at corestar.co.uk
Fri Jan 26 11:24:11 CST 2007

Hi Casey,

> We are the host.  We have lots of backups of the production 
> version, none of the development version which was on an 
> employees machine who left.  Back to the original problem -- 
> we do not have an uncompiled version of the .dll on the 
> production server.

I think it would be a really good idea to use some kind of source
control system, to reduce the chances of this happening in future. It
makes it easier to revert back to a previously-uploaded version of a
website, for example; once you've done your release build you can label
it and check it in. Then if you ever need to revert back to it you can
do so in seconds.

I know this won't help you now; but next time it could do!


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