[thelist] Catch events with javascript on internal page navigation

Ivo evolt-thelist at sinchi.org
Fri Jan 26 16:11:22 CST 2007

Hello listers,

Not sure if I am asking this question correctly but let me try anyways.

Is there a mechanism to hook into internal page navigation events? That is I
have a document marked up with a lot of internal page navigation elements
(/mydocument.html#sidebar...etc) . I have an animations that happens at
those anchor points and are currently triggered by the onclick events of the
links that point to those locations.

I also need to cover cases where people link or bookmark directly to the
anchor points, or when people use back/forward browser buttons to navigate
thru the anchors locations.

For the time being I am handling the bookmarking scenario server-side but I
dont know how to deal when using the browser backward/forward buttons.

Ideally I'd like to handle all this clientside. Is there a unified mechanism
or an event that fires off whenever an anchor gets focus? Or a the page url
location changes but still points to the current document?



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