[thelist] Acronym and abbr tags

Austin Harris austin at dotmail.co.uk
Sat Jan 27 15:33:06 CST 2007

> er, I hope no one was suggesting limiting it to the first time it's
> used
> *on the site*, but rather, the first time it's used on any particular
> page.
> because, as you point out, web's not linear.
> only place that *might* work is in ecommerce, registration forms,
> something like that where landing on a subsequent page makes no
> sense,
> and should probably result in a redirect to a more rational place.

The page(s) I was referring this to, (hence the original question) is very linear. IE a large multipage (7 pages) form. You can't just land on any page apart from the first in the progression.

My point was do you need to repeat the same acronym many, many times once it has been used already. (Not sure how annoying it would be to have the same thing repeated time and time again...)

Although mine is a specific case it has led to an interesting conversation. Amazing how such a small element in the grand scheme of things can be disected so heavily ;)

Austin, (who should be doing something more interesting than talking <slang title="computer stuff">pooters</slang> on a saturday night :)

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