[thelist] [OT]Business start-up advice

Tim Gaunt info at thesitedoctor.co.uk
Mon Jan 29 06:35:34 CST 2007

There was a really interesting discussion on another list just before
Christmas last year about Business Start-up advice, I felt there was such a
wealth of information there someone should wrap it up into an article rather
than loose it to the archives.


It has taken a while to get in place (nearly two months!) but I've just
posted no less than 7 articles covering the content of those posts! You can
read the series at:


I'm still waiting on the OK from one contributor so I may alter it a little


I'll get a PDF version online for download too but the print style sheet
should do for now :-)


Any comments welcome -I apologise if this is seen as shameless self
promotion, it wasn't meant that way, more just to get this information out
to the masses as it's too good to loose!



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