[thelist] Database Scheme Design App

Eduardo Kienetz eduardok at gmail.com
Mon Jan 29 13:18:09 CST 2007

On 1/29/07, Matthew Bernhardt <bernhardt.7 at osu.edu> wrote:
> On Mon, 29 Jan 2007 05:01:41 -0500, Hershel Robinson
> <hershel at galleryrobinson.com> wrote:
> > http://fabforce.net/dbdesigner4/
> >
> > It can't handle large schemas, however.
> Wasn't this going to be folded into the MySQL Workbench?
> http://www.mysql.com/products/tools/workbench/

I won't start any more projects through DBDesigner since it cannot be
imported/read by MySQL Workbench, besides that DBDesigner does not
work with MySQL 5+ (although it might not work with latest 4.x
versions too), unless you use some 'wrapper' (e.g. odbc). To make use
of work done under DBDesigner I had to export the SQL code and run it
manually into MySQL, then reverse engineer in MySQL Workbench to
continue work there.
I prefer DBDesigner though :(

Eduardo  Bacchi Kienetz
LPI Certified - Level 2

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