[thelist] SSL Certs for two domains

Ken Schaefer Ken at adOpenStatic.com
Mon Jan 29 16:54:31 CST 2007

In the interests of completeness, it is not an absolute requirement that each
SSL-secured hostname have it's own IP address. It is typically that way
because HTTP Host: headers cannot be used with SSL (the server does not know
which private key in which certificate to use to decrypt the traffic)


It is possible to have multiple common names in a certificate. This allows
you to point multiple DNS hostnames to a single site. Any of the hostnames
will work as a single private key is used to decrypt all traffic. I'm not
about obtaining such a certificate from a commercial vendor, but you can
certainly issue your own like this.

It is also possible to have a wildcard certificate that matches *.domain.com
making it possible to have multiple hosts underneath a single domain all
secured using a single certificate. These wildcard certs are available from
commercial CAs.


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Thanks all, I'll pass the information on to her!


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