[thelist] S5 slideshow: javascript 'clicker' question

Joel D Canfield joel at streamliine.com
Tue Jan 30 10:15:41 CST 2007

just can't get my head around this (so I should probably use some of my
free time re-reading my JavaScript tomes)

this function in S5's slides.js seems to kill the click advance for
certain stuff. how could I make this include any image which is a link?
I currently have the 'click to advance' turned off, but I'd rather have
it on.

	function clicker(e) {
		number = undef;
		var target;
		if (window.event) {
		target = window.event.srcElement;
		e = window.event;
		} else target = e.target;
		if (target.getAttribute('href') != null 
			|| hasValue(target.rel, 'external') 
			|| isParentOrSelf(target, 'controls') 
			|| isParentOrSelf(target,'embed') 
			|| isParentOrSelf(target,'object')) return true;
		if (!e.which || e.which == 1) {
			if (!incrementals[snum] || incpos >=
incrementals[snum].length) {
			} else {

the full file in text format is here:


thanks muchly


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