[thelist] Newsletter as HTML Email

Mark Groen evolt at markgroen.com
Wed Jan 31 12:55:47 CST 2007

On Wednesday 31 January 2007 07:38, Julian Rickards wrote:

> Perhaps offtopic

ever so slightly imho, but look at the traffic it generated ;-)

> but my cousin is trying to create a family newsletter and 
> wants to include images, etc. Whenever I receive a newsletter (generally
> business oriented), it is an HTML email with images.

So they are familiar with using their what-ever email software to read email 
and it would be a reasonable guess that the vast majority of the family 
members are using either Mac or Windows, yes?

> Can anyone direct me 
> as to how to create this type of message? Are there any good HTML Email
> newsletter software? I am knowledgeable of HTML but I haven't used it in a
> message like this before.

No problem. As Hassan mentioned, the simplest way is to let them do it with 
the software they are familiar with. If they are using Windows, tell them to 
open the Address Book, if it isn't already an icon then in Outlook Express 
it's under "Tools". Click on "New" then choose "Group", name it "Family News" 
and you can fill in the rest.

When they are ready to send an email they type in the "To" box, first few 
letters of their newly formed group and the auto-complete which I think is on 
by default, will fill in the rest and they can press the "Enter" key on their 
keyboard and it will magically auto-complete and they won't have to type the 
rest of the "To" field out. You can fill in the rest of the instructions as 

You know where I am going with this eh? Hassan is right, and the original 
question has been lost. 

IMHO, the majority of computer users are using Windows and most of that is 
still at default. Perhaps not the same majority with Mac users are at 
default, someone correct me if I'm wrong but like Windows, it has an easy 
enough interface for the end user to notice if images are showing up or not 
and if not, a way to make them show up.

Heck, even Linux is so GUI know a days that a non-Linux user opening up Kmail 
on Ubuntu would know what the heck is going on.

Short answer: Use your address book to create a "Group", then compose the 
email and send it to that group. 

If you need to know how to turn off or on HTML email (it's probably on by 
default for most) then send them a link to the appropriate Microsoft or Mac 
whatever site that has the instructions.

Or get copilot for five minutes and do it for them:



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