[thelist] Creating a portfolio

Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Wed Jan 31 13:24:34 CST 2007

seems like that would be more than enough....

"web master" is a term that seems almost meaningless to me.  What does 
it mean? I would look at the job bullet points, keep those in mind as 
you are developing your "portfolio."  When you get an interview, then 
you can use the portfolio as a jumping off place to show what a kickass 
"webmaster" you are.

If you design front-ends, IMO it's a good idea to keep a library of 
screenshots, since websites don't live forever.


Chris Ditty wrote:
> I need to make a portfolio for a job application.  I have never needed
> to make one in the past and don't know what I should really include in
> it.
> This is what I was thinking about including.
> Screenshots
> blurbs on each site
> bullet points on what I do for each site.
> Any other suggestions?  This is for a web master position and not for
> developing or programming per-say.

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