[thelist] Shiny toy recommendations

Paul Bennett Paul.Bennett at wcc.govt.nz
Wed Jan 31 15:08:21 CST 2007

Hi all,

My manager has stated that we have leftover budget to spend. Ideas for hardware, software, chairs, books, training resources etc welcome.

We already work with dual 19" lcd's. Our pc's are leased, so we can't get too nice there apart from upgraded RAM (which we already have), I have an ergonomic keyboard and mouse and a decent sized desk (office furniture is also controlled by The Man).

My current ideas are a refresh of our book collection, some training DVD's, maybe a better chair.
Area's we need help in:
- Mac testing (but this may be a cheap solution: http://www.browsrcamp.com/osx_livetest.php)
- Load testing
- source control / versioning
- good high-end editors (I'm looking at zend and komodo)

Anything I'm missing - anything you find enhances your working time or makes your work easier / more productive?

Reply off list if you feel it's warranted...

Many thanks,

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