[thelist] Creating a portfolio

Barney Carroll barney at textmatters.com
Thu Feb 1 04:48:29 CST 2007

Chris Ditty wrote:
> This is what I was thinking about including.
> Screenshots

Sorry Chris, too lazy/busy to read this whole thread but I just caught 
this: If I can give you just a tiny bit of advice, a screenshot alone as 
evidence for a website is pretty bad unless you're primarily a graphic 
designer. If you pride yourself in CSS, scripting and/or markup skills, 
usability, interactivity and accessibility, an actual web page is just 
loads better.

The serious client will be clever enough (by now) to know that a web 
page isn't just a series of big scolling pictures with text, and what 
most are after is the stuff that pictures can't do.

By selling yourself on these, you are effectively proving nothing but 
your artistry and graphic design skills.

> blurbs on each site
> bullet points on what I do for each site.

These are great, but the client has to take your word for it. I believe 
you should show them. Whatever happened to the original code? Give them 
evidence via samples of this work. If this position is as a webmaster, 
the chances are your graphic design skills aren't even going to come 
into the work they want from you.


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