[thelist] long, but gentle, rant about the non-ubiquity of technological knowledge (was RE:Newsletter as HTML Email)

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Thu Feb 1 11:30:12 CST 2007

Steven Streight noted a firm belief in education!

>>I firmly believe in educating our clients, and our 
>>clients educating their users 

>>I do feel it is my job to educate wife, friends, 
>>family, neighbors, clients, peers. 

Hi Steven,

Glad to see you have the passion!  ;-)

I've been a paid educator.  I taught a statistics 
class at a State university.  

I currently spend some of my free time as a 
docent (an education volunteer - unpaid) at my 
local zoo.

There is a significant difference between the two.

As a volunteer providing unpaid (and often unasked 
for) educational tidbits you have to be careful 
not to come across as a zealot.  If you sense 
interest, you provide a little information.  If 
you get a favorable response, you provide a little 
more.  If there is no interest now, you let it 
pass and wait for another opportunity.

I think that message translates over into non-zoo 
areas as well.  Not everyone wants to be educated 
on every thing at every moment in time.  Sometimes 
you have to be patient.  You have to be satisfied 
just keeping them from banging on the glass.

Good Luck!

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