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Hassan Schroeder hassan.schroeder at gmail.com
Thu Feb 1 11:38:29 CST 2007

On 2/1/07, Barney Carroll <barney at textmatters.com> wrote:

> I think I may be appearing too idealistic - this is because I'm an
> information designer and it is literally my job to enable users to
> access new functions. So on the one hand, what I'm advising may be no
> good to you; but on the other, you're saying that my job is inherently
> impossible. Saying somebody isn't doing something now, therefore
> can't... Is the most defeatist thing I can conceive of. Again, it goes
> against the principles of my trade to even entertain the thought.

Utter nonsense -- that's not at all what I'm saying. I'm saying people
change behavior when there's a reward for doing so.

> > Yes, because there was an obvious benefit to them. And what they
> > learned works for them now. You're asking them to add a whole new
> > behavior *with no discernable benefit*.
> ?! I'm not going to give my opinion on this again, we'd be stuck here
> for ever. If you really want it, go back to the first five or so posts.

I did. The only "benefit" I see mentioned is to the developer -- not
having to worry about client email display problems. :-)

> We're ultimately on the same side, but we've got different roles to
> fulfill, which I suspect is why this is turning into one-upmanship. And
> it's the duty of people like myself to make the internet accessible and
> idiot-proof. I'll get back to you when we've cracked it!

Please do. :-)

Hassan Schroeder ------------------------ hassan.schroeder at gmail.com

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