[thelist] advanced link chcker?

Dave Williamson dw at ainscough.net
Thu Feb 1 12:01:01 CST 2007


I looked at Funduc's search and replace tool but went for Eluent Tools
(www.eluent.com) instead. A bit cheaper and more powerful than Funduc.

If you have PERL installed, you can download the W3C link checker
(http://search.cpan.org/dist/W3C-LinkChecker/) and run it locally?


On 31/01/2007 19:53:25, Brian Cummiskey (brian at hondaswap.com) wrote:
> Anyone know of a tool that follows all links on a website, similar to
> the W3C tool, but instead, looks for off-site links?
> I'm in the middle of converting a client site over from a
> livedomain.com/cgi-bin/ directory and want to make sure i've
> found every
> link to the old pages and updated it with its new devdomain.com/page.asp
> url.

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