[thelist] long, but gentle, rant about the non-ubiquity of technological knowledge (was RE:Newsletter as HTML Email)

Dennis Lapcewich dlapcewich at fs.fed.us
Thu Feb 1 13:01:35 CST 2007

thelist-bounces at lists.evolt.org wrote on 02/01/2007 08:04:21 AM:

> and that *is* my point - it's *not* our job to educate *anyone* (except
> our own children) - it is our job to make technology so usable, so
> intelligent, so advanced, that it requires no education to use it.
> My Mom does not want a computer. It is not my job to 'educate' her into
> a different perspective.

I just wish I had that luxury.  :)

The law requires I create and maintain sites that meet web standards and
accessibility.  I have no choice.  I'm not complaining about it.  I
initially took it as a challenge.  Now it's just the way I do business.

However, I also have the burden of playing "web nanny."  It's not a job
requirement.  My bosses are not implementing it.  My customers are forcing
it upon me.  And if I don't play the game, they complain, because my
customers ultimately are my bosses.  After all, their taxes are paying for
it.  So I now have to educate them, whether it's my "official" job or not.


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