[thelist] How does IE store cookies?

Chris Dorer cdorer at gmail.com
Thu Feb 1 14:58:29 CST 2007


Who's familiar with how IE stores cookies? I know it's in the $USER/Cookies

For reasons, FireFox correctly stores session/regular cookies in a
directory. IE, on the other hand, you try to make a SIMPLE cookie as you
would for FireFox, IE must stores the cookie internally, i cannot find the
cookie file in the assigned directory.

Does anybody have any thoughts?  Am I missing any pertinent information that
might help you to help figure this out?  I've searched all over Google, i
might have done bad queries, but I'm running out of ideas of searching for
this issue.  Maybe one of you knows?

I'm using modperl 1.x Apache cookie generator.

Here's what the code looks like:

    my %session;
    my $r = Apache->request;
    my $cookie = $r->header_in('Cookie');
    if( defined( $cookie ) )
        $cookie =~ s/SESSION_ID=(\w*)/$1/;

    $session{_session_id} = '1234567890';
    my $session_cookie = "SESSION_ID=$session{_session_id};";
    $r->header_out("Set-Cookie" => $session_cookie);

Kind regards,

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