[thelist] get filename before the extension (php)

Rick den Haan rick.denhaan at gmail.com
Thu Feb 1 15:36:06 CST 2007

Mark Mckee wrote:
> I have now noticed some glaring errors in my code.
> a) when i put a " in the data field it returns this in the file \"
> b) i cannot get line breaks to work. no matter how many carriage returns 
>   there are, i always end up with a load of text jumbled up.

The extra backslash could be solved by using stripslashes(). E.g.:

$sData = 'Something in this \"string\" is wrong...';
$sData = stripslashes($sData);

// $sData should now be 'Something in this "string" is wrong...'

As for the line breaks, that could be a problem with the type of systems 
being used. If you're editing your file on Windows, but writing it to 
the text file on a Linux server (or vice-versa, or something involving a 
Mac along the way), what you're experiencing can happen. For these 
situations, PHP comes with a predefined constant that holds the right 
format for line breaks. You'll have to split your strings to use it, 
though. Example:

Current situation:

$sData = 'The quick brown fox jumped


the lazy dog';

New situation:

$sData = 'The quick brown fox jumped' . PHP_EOL . PHP_EOL . 'over' . 
PHP_EOL . PHP_EOL . 'the lazy dog';


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