[thelist] Creating a portfolio

Marc S. webdevpost at delime.com
Thu Feb 1 21:49:41 CST 2007

Good grief Steven, that signature lineup is starting to look like a
real-time, running autobiography! ;)

On 2/1/07, Steven Streight <steven.streight at gmail.com> wrote:
> One major point: buy the most expensive, leather, sturdy, rich looking
> portfolio bag or case you can find, with metal zippers and a brand logo
> maybe.

Anyway, don't they call it a Thinkpad (or PowerBook if you're that way
inclined) these days?

Presenting *web* technology portfolios on dead tree technology seems a
bit stone age to me. Plus, it doesn't let you play solitaire instead
of twiddling thumbs in the reception hall.

> I think you are better off without blurbs or notes attached to anything.
> Publicity Hound web site says that PowerPoint is stupid, and the best
> presentations are off the cuff, ad lib, no notes, and only using visuals to
> present visual ideas, i.e. pictures and photos.

I agree that presentation is a skill that is much more about
accurately reading and communicating with your audience than hiding
behind the clicker, but Power Point is inherently no more stupid than
a hammer or a gun or a camera phone.

The only advice I can give outside of the already excellent fare is to
try to get a sense of when you're talking too much or too little about
a particular site/issue  and adjust your delivery accordingly.

(who is also confused about just what webmastering means these days)

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