[thelist] long, but gentle, rant about the non-ubiquity of technological knowledge (was RE: Newsletter as HTML Email)

Joel D Canfield joel at streamliine.com
Fri Feb 2 09:15:00 CST 2007

the good Barney Carroll declared

> Aha... So you propose that a certain demographic is becoming 
> more apt in 
> pressing-buttons-for-reasons etc., but on the whole people are not 
> becoming any more 'experienced'? I think that's a clearer view of the 
> way things stand.

I would say the studies Steven referred to support the conclusion that,
on the whole, people are becoming more familiar with (or more tolerant
of) technology solutions to everyday needs.

Of course, then there's the reasonably large number out of our six
billion planet-mates who aren't.

> I'll have to implement it personally and see how it turns out.

That'll be interesting to see; keep us posted.


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