[thelist] Site check, please?

Steven Pierce steven.pierce at gmail.com
Mon Feb 5 12:45:12 CST 2007

On 2/5/07, Matthew Bernhardt <bernhardt.7 at osu.edu> wrote:
> Hello again (keeping this on-list to see if others are seeing these
> problems),
>   Thanks for taking the time to test the site - in reading your comments
> it seems that you were using IE7/FF (2?), presumably on WinXP? What speed
> was your connection?

I have a 6mg down. Yes, FF 2.

> No matter what page you are on, if you scroll the page.  The right hand
> > side of the page does not keep up with the left had side.  They do
> > catch up, but for a moment you get a page that does not meet.  So the
> > text is out of kilter.
> This is the most disturbing piece of your experience to me, and one I'd
> like to get to the bottom of. Are you describing a response lag as the
> page scrolls? Or something else? I'm trying to make sure I understand
> "does not keep up with" and "out of kilter". The only thing on the page
> that should scroll (in browsers other than IE6) should be the content div
> - everything else is set to position: fixed in CSS. In IE6 the entire page
> should scroll, since it doesn't support that definition.

I see that this has been fixed.  I like that the only thing that moves is
text part of it.  You do still need to use images that are so busy.  My eyes
go to the background, not the text.  The backgrounds with the people in it,
I barly see the text as my eyes are getting pulled to the people in it.

Thus far, I've tested the site in about half a dozen browsers (IE6, IE7,
> FF1.5, FF2, Opera8, Opera9, Safari, Camino, IE5/Mac, Konqueror, Lynx) on
> window settings ranging from 640x480 to 1280x1024 and have yet to see the
> menu and content divs "not meet" - the CSS should have them overlapping by
> about 8 pixels.
> If the problem you're seeing is not a response/lag issue, is there a way
> you could email me a screenshot to help me see what you're seeing?
> > On the People page, the info at the bottom of the page you need toreally
> > look at it to see what is there.  At first glance, I thoughtthat a lot
> > of the info was cut off. Once I looked at it for a while,
> > I noticed that it was not cut off, but it was the way it was designed.

No what I am saying on this, is that at the bottom of the page, you have
the address, and phone numbers of the school.  The phone number is
pushed all the way to the right of the page, and then wraps back.  So it
like:  604

Are you saying the contrast in the people page is too hard to distinguish?
There are other pages on the site that are that short - for example,


Does that page also have this problem in your eyes? This is much higher
contrast (black text on yellow background), but is similarly short. Or are
you saying that the wording of the People page ends abruptly, implying
that more should be there?

I like this page so much better.  You have one page, that you have yellow
highlighted.  Why yellow highlight?  Make the text bold, or underlined, or

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