[thelist] format for video?

Charles Wiltgen cwiltgen at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 5 20:49:33 CST 2007

> Charles: You misquote (via truncating and context
removal) me
> about not caring about the TOS.

Apologies if you feel I didn't excerpt enough.  I was
letting you know what
I was responding to.

> YouTube is where everybody's going to watch video.

Yay for YouTube.  Never in the history of the world
have so many thousands
of hentai clips been in the hands of so many
schoolchildren.   :^)

> TV is dying. Social media is rising.

TV is changing, and "social media" is last year's way
of hyping the latest
evolution of what the internet's always done.

> Viacom is wrong about Net Neutrality and about "no

Nobody mentioned net neutrality, but YouTube is about
as novel as a video
version of "Hot or Not" (which is what the founders
were building).

Can you point me to your viral video successes with

-- Charles

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