[thelist] Css and IE? PATCHED

Austin Harris austin at dotmail.co.uk
Tue Feb 6 09:31:36 CST 2007

There is a fix to the "double margin" problem*;

on the element in question;

display: inline;

>From here;

*Although I had a problem with floating ul's that this didn't fix yesterday and ended up going down the conditional comment route.

One day all of this will be really easy ;)


----- "Jonathan Bloy" <JBloy at edgewood.edu> wrote:
> Jeremy Weiss wrote:
> >The problem came down to a difference in how IE and
> >Firefox calculates margins and such (a single line of
> >code, no less). I couldn't seem to figure a way around
> >this, so I just split the css into two files... 
> One way I've found to help that margin situation among different
> browsers is to declare all margins and padding to zero with this
> statement at the top of my CSS:
>   html * { margin:0; padding:0;}
> Then for other elements (such as p, ul, li, etc.) you just need to
> specify all margins.
> The other persons post about conditional comments for IE (especially
> IE6
> and below) is also a good suggestion.
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