[thelist] eMail Edits please!

Ron ronr at linuxdude.com
Tue Feb 6 14:02:29 CST 2007

There is no correct way to post to a mailing list. This topic comes up 
endlessly on email lists, people argue about it for a while then drop 
it, wait a year or so and repeat. Everyone has different preferences. I 
prefer to click into the middle of a thread, if it interests me, and 
catch up on the whole thing by scrolling just that one message and not 
having to click into each individual message. 


Shelley Watson wrote:
> <unlurk>
> I think I can speak for everyone here who gets thelist's emails in Digest.
> Please, please edit your replies!  I dunno, am I oldschool, out to lunch or
> what?  Repetitious, unneeded 'copy included' emails to this elist become a
> horror story when you receive in Digest mode.  I think I'm getting
> repetitive injury syndrome from repeated scrolling ;-)
> Anyway, from a usually quiet lurker who has been a member of this elist for
> some time, I would really appreciate it if replies could be edited to not
> include huge amounts of unnecessary text.  
> Much appreciated
> <relurk>
> Shelley 
> Ps - would add a tip here for the off topic posting but, heck, would be nice
> if this posting could be considered a tip.

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