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Steven Streight steven.streight at gmail.com
Tue Feb 6 15:12:24 CST 2007

Have you tested a graphic heavy version with a text only, or graphic lite,
version? It does depend on your audience and your message.

But Geiko using pictures in a TV commercial is not the same as what user
want in an email newsletter.

Keep in mind: this is NOT an attack on visuality, artists, pictures, graphic
design, etc.

On 2/6/07, Luther, Ron <Ron.Luther at hp.com> wrote:
> > Sell insurance with photos?
> Must be onna them 4-chew-gnat types whut never seen a Geico Gecko print
> ad!
> Lucky stiff.
> Enviously,
> RonL.
> [Noting that there *are* 'visually oriented' folks in the
> world.  Some of those folks have money.  Photos in ads help
> us separate those folks from their money.  Considerations
> of right, wrong, morality or fat content are irrelevant.]
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