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Shelley Watson swatson at internavigate.com
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From: Ron <ronr at linuxdude.com>

Subject: Re: [thelist] eMail Edits please!


There is no correct way to post to a mailing list. This topic comes up 

endlessly on email lists, people argue about it for a while then drop 

it, wait a year or so and repeat. Everyone has different preferences. I 

prefer to click into the middle of a thread, if it interests me, and 

catch up on the whole thing by scrolling just that one message and not 

having to click into each individual message. 






I’m not one to subscribe to the black and white theme when it comes to email
postings.  Having utilized various forums, mailing lists, newsgroups, etc.
for the past 18 years, it is prudent to follow a philosophy of flexibility
and wide ranging tolerance.  Having said that my posting was pretty bitchy
;-) But when it’s 6 (laptop) screen scrolls of ‘many-times-repeated” text
including numerous repeats of the HYPERLINK
"mailto:thelists at evolt.org"thelists at evolt.org footer, well, a little
reminder surely doesn’t hurt.   The actual text of the message and the info
required to follow the thread was actually less than one ‘page’s’ worth.
Editing a little sure beats the heck out of innumerable lines of   > > > > >
> >  of which there is a perfect example on Vol 48, Issue 14. 


Sure it sounds picky and not nearly as interesting as a discussion on
another javascript problem or accessibility.  But as one who truly enjoys
the ongoing discussions on this list and learns from them. I, for myself,
would greatly appreciate a little editing.  If that’s not possible for some,
then sobeit.




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