[thelist] eMail Edits please!

Toby toby at creativefibre.co.uk
Tue Feb 6 17:55:42 CST 2007

> I don't see where that page clearly defines what is "correct" or 
> incorrect for all cases. Even it did, it's still only one person's 
> opinion. Note the word "guidelines" and also note that point 5 is 
> somewhat mitigated by point 6. The only thing certain about this topic, 
> is that people will never stop lecturing each other over it. Even if the 
> world came to a consensus on it, you'd still have people that wouldn't 
> adhere to it for whatever reason.

I guess Shelly was just putting it out there, requests like that are never
going to be actually followed by all, but I think for those that feel like
considering these users and guidelines set out it’s a nice idea, and I will

Always good getting rid of what isn’t required also in my humble opinion ;¬)


Ps. In outlook and most other email clients you can normally sort emails by
subject - which I find far easier than scrolling through email headers and
stupid advertisements in footers to find bitty info that has been left in
the email.

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