[thelist] Information highway. Was: Email/Newsletter Programs

Ken Moore psm2713 at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 7 12:08:53 CST 2007

Hi all.

OK. Give me a break. I hate the term "information highway" too. But it does 
seem to fit here.

Steven Streight said

>Very thought provoking, but seems trapped in the print and tv broadcast
>medium, these rants in favor of pretty pictures.

>I am dealing mainly with information newsletters, like on marketing
>tips, usability studies, info architecture, etc.

Steve is right. The internet and all attached to to it (email, RSS, etc.) is 
like the interstate. You use it to get from here to there as quickly as 

If a page takes more than 6 seconds to load, you have lost 1/3 of your 
potential viewers. Once there, viewers take about 4 seconds to decide if 
they want to stay. At least 50% of free newsletters to unread in any one 

If someone wants to take their time and browse they (usually) go somewhere 
else. In fact, some studies have indicated that the longer a user is on a 
site reading (or looking at pictures on) an email without personal 
communication, the less likely they are to act.

If you are selling a bouquet of flowers, show the pictures. Otherwise, use 
them sparingly.


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