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Ron ronr at linuxdude.com
Wed Feb 7 15:40:56 CST 2007

If you look at posts sent from web based programs like gmail and yahoo you'll see the text wraps at the window's edge, not at a specific number of characters. The bulk of the mangled text-wrapping seems to be due to M$ clients defaulting to wrapping text at 72 charcters. 

If you want to understand why text-wrapping is such a mess, you're in for quite a bit of research. You'll find out it goes all the way back to the beginnings of email (rfc821) (before web browsers) when "64KB was more than enough for anybody" :) 

Here's a message on the evolt list that doesn't wrap. Notice the horizontal scroll bar that it creates in your browser. If you find that same message in your email-client (assuming your using a modern email client), it should wrap at the window's edge. 




Charles Wiltgen wrote:
> BTW, what's with the odd text wrapping on the list? 
> 50 characters?
> -- Charles
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>> The "click to activate" was introduced in Microsoft
> Internet
>> Explorer for Windows XP, Service Pack 2. For OBJECT,
>> and APPLET tags in the HTML itself, no interactivity
> will
>> be available until the user follows the instructions
> and
>> clicks. You can avoid this by writing in the tags
>> dynamically from an external JavaScript file
> BTW, if you want to avoid this but don't want to use
> JavaScript, this is one
> of the many details that Objecty just handles.
> One of the main goals of Objecty is to make
> problem-free embedding as simple
> as:
> 	<object class="ObjectyMe" uri="myFlashMovie.swf"
> width="550"
> height="400" />
> -- Charles
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