[thelist] List text wrapping

Charles Wiltgen cwiltgen at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 7 17:42:57 CST 2007

The convention is that Text/Plain media is wrapped at
80 characters or less,
I can't fault Outlook.

The bizarre thing is that this list is wrapping text
at 50 characters or
less (ballpark judgement).

Just wondering why this list is different than the 20
others I'm on, which
all handle plain text email just fine.

-- Charles

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If you look at posts sent from web based programs like
gmail and yahoo
you'll see the text wraps at the window's edge, not at
a specific number of
characters. The bulk of the mangled text-wrapping
seems to be due to M$
clients defaulting to wrapping text at 72 charcters. 

If you want to understand why text-wrapping is such a
mess, you're in for
quite a bit of research. You'll find out it goes all
the way back to the
beginnings of email (rfc821) (before web browsers)
when "64KB was more than
enough for anybody" :) 

Here's a message on the evolt list that doesn't wrap.
Notice the horizontal
scroll bar that it creates in your browser. If you
find that same message in
your email-client (assuming your using a modern email
client), it should
wrap at the window's edge. 




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