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Stuart Young drstuey at gmail.com
Wed Feb 7 19:47:53 CST 2007

Hey Steven, for someone who complains so bitterly about the contents and
frequency of email newsletters you sure send a lot of repetitive emails
stating the same point over and over. Can't you just accept that some people
have different opinions to yourself and let it lie?

Hey Shaun, Re: the filesize of marketing emails, all the emails we send have
the images hosted on the web so filesize of inboxes is not an issue.

I reckon always include images in marketing emails, so long as they are
actually useful and of real things. Jakob Nielsen's advice stands for email
10. Use Meaningful Graphics Don't just decorate the page with stock art.
Images are powerful communicators when they show items of interest to users,
but will backfire if they seem frivolous or irrelevant. For example, it's
almost always best to show photos of real people actually connected to the
topic, rather than pictures of models.

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