[thelist] Objecty 1.0a2

Alastair Campbell ac at alastc.com
Thu Feb 8 18:45:55 CST 2007

Hi Charles,

Great idea, smoothing out that embed process is very needed. Does it
have to be 95k though? I notice that you seem to have mod_deflate or
similar running which brings it down to 27k, but it still seems a
little big?

I guess in the larger scheme of things (what with 10MB media files
etc.) it isn't that much, but the optimiser side of my brain did
recoil somewhat.

How much of it is from the libraries? I was just thinkiing that
people using those libraries already might like to use their versions
and just add the new part...

Still, looks great for an alpha, I'll keep close tabs on it :)

Kind regards,


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