[thelist] Stab in the dark: broken Plone RSS syndication

Barney Carroll barney at textmatters.com
Fri Feb 9 11:38:51 CST 2007

Any Plone users here?

I'm only asking because I've found the Plone community to be 
surprisingly disparate and uncommunicative. I was involved in building a 
Plone site (grueling experience if you're a control freak) a while back, 
  and when the client said they needed feeds, I was quite relieved to 
find that Plone auto-generated RSS feeds for its folders.

However the feed for their news folder (the only one) never updated. It 
has a maximum of 15 entries, and once these were filled up with the 
first 15 updates, they just stuck. There've been 3 months of regular 
news postings, but none of these are parsed into the RSS. All the 
settings are right, the syndication is well and truly on and set for 
twice-daily updates. It's an enigma.

If anyone has any experience of such problems (I know it's a long shot), 
I'd appreciate an email - off-list if you think the issue is OT.


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