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Pierre-Henri Lavigne lavigne at getphuture.com
Sat Feb 10 17:19:57 CST 2007

Lee kowalkowski wrote:
> On 10/02/07, Pierre-Henri Lavigne <lavigne at getphuture.com> wrote:
>> For a released site, we have to use atm a <base
>> href="http://www.essonne.fr" />
>> But in the current work is used relative links, not absolute.
> Absolute links are unaffected by the Base element.  The Base element
> is only applied to relative URIs in your document (i.e. links that do
> not start with a scheme or a double-slash).
 >> I didn't know that. Thanks for the info.
>> 2 errors
>> on the log in two weeks (it could be worse i know) :
> Whose logs?  Your site's or essonne.fr?  Or are they both the same site?
 >> the site essone.fr.
>> - - [01/Feb/2007:18:21:55 +0100] "GET
>> /le_departement/vos_elus/les_conseillers_regionaux/le_departement/vos_elus/les_senateurs/ 
>> HTTP/1.1" 404 10090
>> "http://www.essonne.fr/le_departement/vos_elus/les_conseillers_regionaux/" 
>> "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; Avant Browser; Avant
>> Browser; .NET CLR 1.1.4322)"
> So, from les_conseillers_regoinaux, you were supposed to go to
> les_senateurs, in the *same* directory?
> What is the Base URI set to on the les_conseillers_regoinaux page, and
> what HREF do you have for the les_senateurs page?
> It looks to me that the Base URI was
> http://www.essonne.fr/le_departement/vos_elus/les_conseillers_regionaux/,
> and the HREF was le_departement/vos_elus/les_senateurs/.
I apologize. It seems I should have given more informations :
The page is : 
The base href  is : http://www.essone.fr/
Someone clicked on the link in the left sidebar  Les sénateurs which 
link is : le_departement/vos_elus/les_senateurs/
So UA should have gone to 
That is the problem.

>> In the past we used one time a base href too for misc. reasons but the
>> links inside the page were absolute and it seems we hadn't such 
>> problems.
> If the links were absolute, the Base element would not have applied to 
> them.
The fact is sometimes they / my compagny works with partners, and I do 
not know about their business development methods but developers had to 
put a base href.
I will put a note to developers next week but I think we don't need it 
anymore. I was curious to know anyway.
>> I read on webdevout the base was not supported by every UA (average 
>> 85%).
> Hmm, just looked that up, it actually says (in a very confusing way)
> that all the tested browsers only supported 83% of base elements (what
> on earth? - most probably the different styles of HREF attribute value
> you can theoretically use).  Looks like a red herring to me.
>> Any ideas / informations about it ?
> Personally, I've never found myself in a situation where a Base
> element is the right solution.  Perhaps if I wanted to be easily
> mirrored, or if I was doing the mirroring, argh, one or the other,
> can't think!
> I would be intrigued if there was a mainstream browser that didn't
> support the Base element at all.  How I see it, all browsers need to
> calculate absolute URIs of the relative ones.  The Base element just
> allows the document author to override one of the parameters used in
> that calculation.  It wouldn't be any trouble to implement.

 >> Yeap I think in the future I will ask to avoid a situation includes 
a base element.

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