[thelist] Essentials of the DOM screencast

Joel D Canfield joel at streamliine.com
Mon Feb 12 06:27:42 CST 2007

> So, please have a look at the DOM Essentials in 10 minutes screencast
> and tell me what you think.
> http://icant.co.uk/articles/domessentials/


Incredible amount of information in under 10 minutes (in a good way.)
Well presented. 

You have a good presentation voice; clear and understandable, and it's
your good fortune that it's a very listenable voice; good tone and

It's obvious that, not only do you know what you're talking about, you
know how to *teach* it. Logical coherent development (I did catch a
couple of the verbal slips/assumptions referred to in your blog
comments; they were not a major obstacle to understanding the

I think it was the right choice to dump the full screen's text all at
once, for online presentation. When I'm being subjected to a
presentation in person, the last thing I want is some joker reading
what's right in front of me; I read quite well, thank you very much. I
end up reading ahead and then mentally napping until they change slides;
if they say something that's not on the slide, I'll probably miss it.

But watching this, I found myself listening to what you were saying, and
then looking at the slide as an aid to getting the point. As a strongly
visual learner, I'm not sure how you tricked me into listening instead
of reading, but it works.

I did find the pace a little fast. Not during the slides; you speak
quickly, but not so fast that you're hard to follow; in fact, it keeps
the presentation from dragging. But at the end of some slides, I found
myself wanting to pause it for five or ten seconds to run over the
visual presentation quickly before you moved on. With +/- 12 slides
(yes?) you could add five seconds to half the slides and still be within
+/- 10 minutes (despite how anal and pedantic as I can be, had the
slideshow been 10:52 in length, I would not have quibbled with the 'in
10 minutes' description)

I'm very much looking forward to more.


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