[thelist] Avery printing labels

Casey Crookston caseyc at IntelliSoftmn.com
Mon Feb 12 11:26:00 CST 2007



I have what I thought should be a simple request, but I'm not finding a
solution.  Our client has a database of companies, and he wants his
customers to log in and be able to generate a PDF that is pre-formatted
to Avery label size.  The idea is that the user would enter the Avery
number, select the data filters, and then we will generate a PDF he can
print onto the labels.


I thought for sure there would be an existing class for a .NET
application out there, even if we needed to pay for it.  But I can't
find one.  Avery suggested using their online wizard (gag) or generate a
CSV file which then gets imported into Microsoft Word.  Neither of these
are solutions I want to present to our client - end users will balk at
the number of steps. 


Has anyone ever done this?  





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