[thelist] Stylesheet not loading in Safari?

bill scheider bill at first-encounter-design.com
Mon Feb 12 15:08:16 CST 2007


On this site: http://www.syntonicmicrowave.com
<http://www.syntonicmicrowave.com/>  different pages  are calling different
stylesheets. All browsers on all platforms are calling them except Safari!
The non-called stylesheet is mainleft.css and appears on
<http://syntonicmicrowave.com/products.html%20and%20/contact.html>   as well
as /products.html  (among others).


This is happeneing only on Safari and I can't figure out why. Each of the
stylesheets is being called from the same directory but mainleft.css is just
not being loaded. I also checked the spelling. Does anyone else see this?
Any ideas how I can fix it?


Thanks for your help



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