[thelist] Stylesheet not loading in Safari?

bill scheider bill at first-encounter-design.com
Mon Feb 12 18:52:16 CST 2007

bill scheider wrote:
> [...] Could there be something else in play here?

Yes, this...

#content {
	padding: 5px 0 0 10px;
	margin: 0px 30px 0 150px;
	/*/width: 515px; /* for IE6 */*/

The validator reports a Parse Error on that comment, and Safari doesn't
recover from it. There's a whole range of Parse Errors in that
stylesheet, but that one is the show-stopper for Safari.


That was it! I knew the css wasn't validating because of the parse errors.
This was one of my first stylesheets and somewhere I'd read that adding 
a '/' or '_' before a declaration would serve that only to ie6. The
declaration you pointed out was one I'd put in for ie but then commented
out. I wasn't aware that those parse errors would choke any browsers; just
thought it wouldn't validate. I learn something new about css many times a

Thanks for taking the time.

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