[thelist] Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, Design View?

Dawson Costelloe costelloe at gmail.com
Tue Feb 13 06:19:39 CST 2007

Hello, I've created a new website project in Microsoft Visual Studio
2005 using the "File System" method.

My ASPX code files reference a header and footer templates via include
file statements, as such:

<!--#include file="../incasp/website.header... -->
<!--#include file="../incasp/website.footer... -->

However, this method is not allowing me to view any pages in "Design
View". If I take the code out of the include file references and
remove them, pasting the content directly into the page -- I can view
in design view, but using the #include file -- I cannot! This is very
annoying, Dreamweaver allows me to do something this simple.

Is there a workaround? Thank you

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