[thelist] Perl string help

Struan Donald struan at exo.org.uk
Tue Feb 13 06:00:35 CST 2007

* at 12/02 22:29 -0700 Amy Johnson said:
> Can anyone help me with a Perl string function?  I need to take the text
> from a textarea and split the string at the last blank space before 250
> characters.  So if I have a 1000 character string, it would be cut into
> about 4 or 5 strings at spaces between words.
> Any Perl gurus out there?

I am not a Perl guru but...

assuming $text contains the text you want to split up then the
following should work. At the end you'll have an array (@pieces)
which contains all the pieces.

my $piece_length = 250;

my @pieces;
my $start = 0;

while ( ( length($text) - $start ) > $piece_length ) {
    my $split = rindex( substr( $text, $start, $piece_length ), ' ' );
    push @pieces, substr($text, $start, $split);
    $start += $split;

push @pieces, substr($text, $start);



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