[thelist] cache in Firefox

AG rovision at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 13 11:38:57 CST 2007


I'm having trouble with viewing pages in Firefox 2.0 due to caching.
While developing pages, I need to check the appearance in both IE and
FF. In IE a simple shift+refresh clears the cache, but in FF even
Ctrl+refresh doesn't. 

I have all caching options as available through Tools/Options set to
0 or disabled. Also went ahead and set all available options through
about:config to disable any other caching [memory, network, etc.].

It appears that FF has some sort of a latency in updating these
pages. After some time, a refresh brings in the new pages. However,
waiting for FF to load the new pages, it's not an efficient method.

Has anybody encountered the same problem and found a more productive


Ara G.

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