[thelist] [JOB] Junior Applications Developers - San Antonio, TX

Jay Blanchard jblanchard at pocket.com
Wed Feb 14 12:37:41 CST 2007

Jay, I think I you misunderstood my point. I didn't see a problem with
omitting the salary, as I felt it was implicit in your description.
>From your response, though, if you are truly trying to come off as
flexible, you may wish to be more explicit about that. I did not get
that impression at all in your description, except that you had a
desperate need and might take someone slightly underqualified.

I knew that you agreed with my point (thank you!), which is why I
decided to follow this line of the thread. In my rush to get this out
there I didn't emphasize any flexibility at all, which was my bad. Ah
well, it has been an interesting discussion and I know see that there is
a definite dividing line.

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