[thelist] [JOB] Junior Applications Developers - San Antonio, TX

Pringle, Ron RPringle at aurora-il.org
Wed Feb 14 13:50:09 CST 2007

Chris wrote:

>Would be interesting to know if anyone had positive experiences with
>Monster? So far I only got spam from headhunters from it.

Way back in 1999 it helped me immensely in finding a job. I had people seeking me out for jobs (and not just recruiters, though there were those too). Fast forward to 2004 when I was out of work for a year and all I got was headhunter crap and spurious leads. The job I have now I actually found through the good old local newspaper (not even a supra-regional paper like the Chicago Tribune).

I would have to echo other's comments about vague job descriptions (or long lists of qualifications that no human could ever meet a third of and be proficient at them) and salary ranges all over the place. Typically I would see posts that end with "Salary commensurate with experience" which, at least in the Chicago area, roughly translates into "we're going to screw you".

The job I have now is the only one where the salary range was discussed upfront on the first interview, and that's only because its for a local municipality and they work within pre-determined job descriptions with graduated pay scales.


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