[thelist] Width of Parent DIVs depending on Child DIV - yes and no?

Stefan Schwarzer st.schwarzer at geois.de
Thu Feb 15 02:54:01 CST 2007

>> I have a problem with my DIVs... In principal everything worked fine.
>> But now I am trying to insert in the middle of the page a DIV which
>> holds a table with sometimes many rows and different sizes of the
>> columns. The aim is to have a scrolling possibility within the DIV,
>> so that one does not need to scroll the whole page...
> overflow:auto; on any element causes scrollbars inside this element
> when the content gets too wide.

Yes, the scroll-thing I know. This works correctly.

But my problem is that the parent-DIV is set to 100%. And that my  
inner DIVs should be only as large as theirs contents are. But they  
are 100% too...

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