[thelist] Css background problem

Dan Craciun dc.thelist at gmail.com
Fri Feb 16 11:37:35 CST 2007

Hi everybody,

I'm trying to simulate "beveled" panels underneath the left and right 
sections of a page.
You can see a test page here: http://www.ship.ro/test/index.php.
I had a first version made by a designer, but there the panels were 
fixed in size and I want them to expand/contract with the content. So I 
basically put a 1px jpg as a repeating background and added the top and 
botom of the panel as separate images. Well, this *almost* works.
In Firefox 2 at the top of the left panel there is a 3px line and the 
text of the right panel is pushed too far down.
In IE 6 there is an additional 3px line at the bottom of the right panel.

Any suggestions on what's causing this?

Dan Craciun

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