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Christian Heilmann codepo8 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 18 15:45:58 CST 2007

>  I used to work in an environment (and still do
> > sometimes) where the designers prefer flash and push it as the medium for
> > websites, consistently moaning about the restrictions of html.
> Flash is not good for SEO, you realize?

Not generally true. If you add enough alternative text then all is
fine. Actually any time you use music or video, Flash is a great

> And Flash is generally only good for showing a product from various angles,
> or a product doing something to solve a problem, etc.

Flash has come a long way and with Flex we have a real rich interface
that can for example work with assistive technology with us having to
simulate keyboard access. Generalizations like "only good for" are not
helping those flash developers who want to alter the idea of flash as
a funky movie tool.

> Splash pages using Flash are annoying to most users, and are impediments to
> fast information foraging.


> Web sites constructed entirely of Flash are very obnoxious and amateur
> looking, and repulse the search engines, like I already said

All depends on the implementation.

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