[thelist] webmasters acting as sysadmins

der wert derwert at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 19 05:06:20 CST 2007

I've found it true that now a days the person that creates a website handles the system administration on the server. I don't mean in larger companies but the smaller ones. It seems that a lot of the webmasters aren't fully up to the task, they use crutches such as packages like cpanel, plesk, or webmin. It also seems true that many scripts that are put on sites aren't understood by the webmasters. This has become a big weakness, these users are able to get a website online but the problem is with keeping it online. They don't fully understand all of the workings or all of the options for the config files that the whm scripts never show the user. There are so many points of a server that needs to be secured and monitored and I fear that the further we get into the technology age the more and more common these crutches are becoming and more widely available. They've started to take over and now have become a sort of standard for hosting companies. These crutches are becoming a weakness, less and less knowledge is required in order to bring a site online. So many of these sites have security flaw that are just waiting to a malicious user to find. I would like to urge anyone that maybe reading this that doesn't have an understanding of how their server works that they "manage". I urge them to start to learn the workings of all the services. Try to learn the languages of the scripts you have running, try to understand the security aspects of these languages. These type of issues are a down fall and are the cause of servers being hacked/defaced. I've had my little rant, feel free to comment.D
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