[thelist] Stab in the dark: broken Plone RSS syndication: FIXED

Barney Carroll barney at textmatters.com
Tue Feb 20 08:28:23 CST 2007

A while back I cried out about Plone CMS's borken RSS support. I found a 
solution that I haven't found on any other list or part of the SEO'd 
net, so I thought I'd close this topic.

To whom it may concern: Plone pretends to have very simple, on/off 
syndication, that you can configure for the site as a whole, and then 
for individual folders. However if you ever activate this, the generated 
feed will display items in reverse order, from the oldest update onwards.

I thought I was going insane but this is down to a stupid mistake in 
Plone's rss_template.pt. Open it up and change line 17 from:

objects python: objectList[:max]">


objects python: objectList[-max:]">

This will correct its method of getting items for the feed and will make 
it display them from the top of the list (last to be added/changed) 

Hope this is relevant to somebody!


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